Year of St. Luke

Welcome to the Year of St. Luke webpage!

The Church reads the Bible on Sundays in a three year cycle focusing on the Gospel of St. Matthew in Year A, St. Mark in Year B, and St. Luke in Year C. This is the Year of St. Luke which began with Advent. During the Sundays of Ordinary Time, that is the Sundays outside the Advent/Christmas and Lenten/Easter seasons, our Gospel readings will systematically work through St. Luke’s Gospel.

At the beginning of Lent three years ago, Father John suggested, as an alternative to “giving up” something for Lent, that we add a spiritual activity. The activity chosen by the Knights that year was to read through the Gospel of that year as a group. A webpage was created to facilitate that effort. The page has been updated each year since for the year’s Gospel.

On this webpage I have posted a program that will guide you through the Gospel of Luke. Below are posted background articles, picture portfolios, and reading guides for each week’s readings.  If you follow the reading schedule, you will finish the Gospel by the end of Lent and gain a much greater understanding of the Gospel readings you will hear during the rest of the year. To begin, select the Program Guide below.

Yours in Christ,

Steve Csontos