OLOP Council 11378

The Knights of Columbus, Our Lady of Peace Council # 11378 welcome you to our web home!!
We are co-located with the Our Lady of Peace Church in North Brunswick.
The 2020 - 2021 Grand Knight is Raymond Burlew.
You can reach us at   info@kofc11378.org  

Social Inspirational Quote of the  Month ... 

" Jesus's cross is God's silent throne. Let us daily contemplate his wounds. In those gashes, we recognize our emptiness, our shortcomings, the wounds of our sin. His wounds were inflicted for our sake, and by those wounds we have been healed."

- Pope Francis @Pontifex

Council Meetings 
We hold 2 monthly meetings, on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday, in the OLOP Parish Center (opposite the church building) for members.   Please be prepared to present your membership card.

Upcoming Activities:

April 3rd - 11am - Annual Easter Event for our Parish families
April 13th - 8pm - Monthly Council Meeting via WebEx
April 27th - 8pm - Monthly Officers Meeting via WebEx

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