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ChurchDevelop the ministry of our Church.  

As members of the Knights of Columbus, we encourage and promote the  laity.  We endeavor to initiate programs through which members can practice their Catholic duties in the fields of charity, devotion, and education.  We strive to sponsor activities which enable individual Knights to set a constant and worthy example as a Catholic gentleman to his family, his community, and his fellow Knights.  Many of our Knights can be found serving the Church as Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, and Ushers.
CommunityServe God by serving others.

Every individual has a voice in shaping the world around him, and every individual can make that voice heard.  Do more than throw up your hands in frustration over what is wrong with the world.  Put those hands to work serving others.
In 2010, our council donated in excess of $3,000.00 to various community based charitable organizations as well as 100s of hours to our North Brunswick Community Food Bank.
While many of our Knights volunteer countless hours for various community charities, there is always the necessity for more assistance.  If you are a Knight and wish to find out where you can help, or if you are a not a Knight, I invite you to join the ranks of those who not only care, but give of themselves.
Fred Offenburger
CouncilPromote Fraternity

Many of the activities of the Knights of Columbus sound demanding, and certainly many are, but that does not mean that others can't be just for fun.  Members of our council are our neighbors and friends, who are interested in athletic, cultural, and social events much as we are.  This committee is responsible for planning the council specific social functions such as birthday parties, wine tastings, golf outings, and baseball games.  This committee is also responsible for the public relations and much of the council communications.
FamilyCelebrate the Catholic Family

Our Council believes that the family is the foundation of the Knights of Columbus. We honor outstanding families by participating in the "Family of the Year" program.  In addition, we sponsor the annual Family Christmas Festival and other family activities such as the Mardi Gras party.
Membership & RetentionContinue the growth of the Order

Recruiting new members is essential to the continued growth and well-being of our council.  Offering a man membership in the Knights of Columbus gives him the opportunity to improve his own life and his community.  Membership allows him to experience the fraternal bond that Knights share while growing closer to his family and his faith.

Retaining existing members is the second critical responsibility of this committee. This is primarily accomplished by cultivating a positive atmosphere within the council that helps to encourage support which benefits both the individual member and the Parish community.  
Dave Pinto
Rights and Civics
Engage Knights in responsible citizenship

Educating and entreating brother Knights to exercise their rights in the legislative process is the responsibility of this committee.  Ensuring brothers are aware of current and pending legislation is paramount to the success of our nation.  Being able to make intelligent and informed decisions that have been considered for their ramifications of our religious belief and doctrine will benefit our brothers and our Order.
Dave Pinto

YouthBuild leaders for the future.  

As Knights of Columbus, we accept the responsibility to provide our youth with the means and the opportunities to become personally committed and involved in meeting the challenges of our times.  We look to help mold youth into influential citizens of tomorrow.  We influence the youth of our community by assisting in the execution of our CCD program, Catholic Youth Organizations, and Boy Scouts as well as other community youth programs.  In addition, we look to sponsor activities in which youth can participate, such as our annual basketball free-throw competition and our Easter Egg hunt.  
 Nick Rivera

Service Program - Church

 Committee Name Chairman Members Purpose/Responsibilities
 Parish Round Table Vacant VacantDevelop close ties between councils and parishes, which are mutually beneficial and helpful to members in developing their lives of faith, worship and service. The K of C Parish Round Table concept has been designed to help foster continued close ties between parishes and councils, especially in areas where council membership may come from several surrounding parishes. Simply put, the K of C Parish Round Table program is an offer of service from the local council to every parish in its area
 Lay Apostalate Vacant Vacant
  • Invite non-Catholics to enjoy a tour of a church in your area.  Your council chaplain or pastor should explain such points of interest as the baptismal font, the tabernacle, Stations of the Cross, the sacristy, a display of the vestments and sacred vessels.
  • Spread the good news about the Catholic faith in the community by maintaining a Catholic video lending library for use by parish and council families
  • Recognize people receiving their First Communion, council and parish families baptizing children, and individuals receiving the sacrament of confirmation, with congratulations, certificates or special appreciation gifts
  •  Encourage council families to set aside time each week for Bible reading and discussions which foster quality family time
 Vocations     Vacant VacantHost a celebration of the World Day of Prayer for Vocations Day in April or May; special observance of Vocations Awareness Week in January; regular prayers for vocations at every council meeting, family meal and other suitable times; attendance at regular Masses for vocations; cooperation with the family life committee in getting the vocations message into homes; and participation in the Refund Support Vocations Program (RSVP)
 Parochial Services Vacant Vacant
  • Initiate an “Adopt a Catholic School” program, organizing fund-raising or volunteer support activities deemed feasible and appropriate by a committee of council and school officials.  
  • Offer to purchase uniforms for athletic teams of a local Catholic school or CYO. Volunteer to provide lectors or commentators when needed in your council’s parishes.  
  • Plan a “Clean Up, Fix Up, Paint Up” Day in your parish. Enlist the support of all council members in donating their services.  
  • Buy copies of the Sacred Heart Kid’s Club video program for CCD programs and parochial schools.  These videos, developed by the Sacred Heart Sisters, present the teaching of the Catholic Church to children in a dynamic and appealing way. The program is developed into three series: Creed, Sacraments, and Commandments. For more information contact: Sacred Heart Kids’ Club, 869 South Rimpau Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90005 or visit their Web site at 
  • Distribute Bibles and catechisms to parochial schools, religious education classs and missions
 Religious Devotions Vacant Vacant 
 Keep Christ in Christmas Vacant Vacant 

Service Program - Community

 Committee Name Chairman Members Purpose\Responsibilities
 Pro-Life Steven C. Olsen  
 Health Services Scott Minnihan  

Service Program - Council